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BRIKKS goes to Africa

For a few packed days many of the fiber to all heroes of Africa will meet up at the FTTH Council Africa conference. ViaEuropa & Labs2 will be present by a delegation lead by Jonas Birgersson (speaker and chairman in two slots on thursday, see full program below) but also present on the trade show floor represented by director Patrik G Fransson and colleagues.

There is great movement in the African FTTH scene but their is also a lot of question on how to best tackle the challenges. ViaEuropa that invented the open fiber model in 1999 will be present to share best practices and discuss joint ventures. Labs2 International will be there to explain how BRIKKS contains almost 20 years of FTTH know how that can be put to use with in a few weeks in local projects anywhere in the world.

OpenGiga in Germany (powered by BRIKKS)

ViaEuropa Deutchland Gmbh launches the much awaited Open Giga to finally start the open fiber revolution in Germany. At the Technical museum i Berlin an eager group of journalist learned about the way for Germany to move forward with open fiber. Based on the Open Service Exchange Operator model (the OSEO) invented by ViaEuropa in 1999, VEDE will now support the German cities and regions so that the fiber can be build and owned by the public sector and VEDE adds the active network & operations so that any service providers on equal terms can launch and sell services to the connected households.

The reception the new model have been a strong interest, its a good thing that the most proven BSS / OSS for OSEO is ready to handle any demand. Based on the BRIKKS VEDE will be able to deliver not only high quality and automated operations but also a very high level of fiber rent so that municipals can recover their investments and reinvest until there finally is fiber to all!

Follow the progress:


BRIKKS in Austria

In Austria one region is blazing ahead to create a role model open fiber build out that could be deployed for the whole nation. BRIKKS is now implemented to support this effort with the usual advantages of low OPEX, high quality operations based on the most advanced BSS / OSS for the OSEO in the world. ViaEuropa have been selected to be one of the OSEO partners for the project and we are convinced that the model invented in Stockholm in 1999 will work as magical in this beautiful part of central Europa.

Read more about the project here:


L2I get awarded Microsoft Biz Spark+ program

Labs2 International AB get invited to Microsoft Biz Spark+ program. "The New Microsoft is really showing its interest in supporting modern development of application and services, we at L2 have been using MS developer tools and DB- technologies for years to build our BSS / OSS support system for Critical Infrastructure deployment and operations, we are excited about how to look in to build a hybrid hosting solution based on Microsoft Cloud and Cisco Hyper Flex technology. With these components we at L2I believe that we best can support our flexible market approach and help our clients to build and deploy profitable fiber based critical infrastructure projects).

Learn more about Microsoft Biz Spark+

Exopi to bring BRIKKS to new international markets

Today Labs² announced a new joint channel agreement were Exopi will represent BRIKKS in several new growth markets.

"We see a great potential to support many of the new market were FTTH is now the hottest ticket in town. The BRIKKS system is a magnificent product that include 20 years of Scandinavian experiences that have made it possible most project to be very successful both from building to everybody and to do so in a very profitable way. Now we at Exopi are exited to bring this powerful solution to many new markets were FTTH is now really taking of," says Bengt Lanngren chairman of Exopi.